we only have todayThis afternoon I was reorganising my little bookshelf when I began to flick through one of the special books someone gave me when I was a young teen.  I opened up a page to read and out fell my special bookmark, which I had all but forgotten about amongst the busy scheme of life I now live.  It quotes:

Today is Mine

Yesterday is beyond my read,

I cannot, by wishing or ignoring,

Alter a single moment.

Tomorrow is not yet

within my grasp.

Only God knows what the future holds,

And he is worthy of my trust.

But, today is mine.

And, today, with God’s help,

I know I can succeed.

This picture reminded me of the poem I just read on my bookmark.  Today I am reminded that each and every one of us has their own struggles they are dealing with and their own wins that they can afford to be so proud of.  We, each of us, walk a difficult tightrope – and balance along with a pole that is marked with what is most important to us.  Most of us, if we fall, at least have a net to land on where someone or somebody will hold out their hand to guide us back to our feet again – even though it can seem ever so difficult.

As I take on today’s precious moment right now and appreciate the wonderful parts of my life that I can be grateful for even amidst the storm that surrounds me, I hope that each of you can do the same.

Best wishes for the week ahead of you.  I hope you find the strength and courage and willpower within you which I know that each one of you deep down really has.