That New Leaf

Sometimes it can seem so far away that it is just altogether unattainable. We've all been there - at one time or another: reaching for a goal and falling; trying for a prize and failing. It's that horrible time in your life when something you used to be able to do is just undoable, something [...]

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Having recently felt that I am losing everything slowly but surely, I was surprised when a recent visit from my sister helped me discuss how hard things had been through her having some mutual understanding of what it was like to suffer mental illness. Travelling her own path to recovery, she recommended that I read [...]

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That big black hole

"If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging". That is what Author Margie Warrell wrote in her recently published book "Brave". If something is not working, stop working on it - don't plough ahead forever continuing for the wrong reasons, just hoping that something will eventually work out. Sometimes conceding defeat is not a [...]

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