cqlogo‘Laughter is the best medicine’ – and it really can be when you are a child who spends a lot of time in hospital and sometimes being teased because you are different.

I was first introduced to Camp Quality at the age of 9 when I was invited to a week-long Junior Camp.  I attended Camps every year until the age of 17 before I decided to give back to the organisation, becoming a volunteer Companion.

Camp Quality was the one place I could go to when I was growing up to meet other children who were living with cancer outside of the hospital environment.  I met friends and mentors through the camps who I still cherish today, even those who have since passed away. Being a Companion to other children has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had and it has been a pleasure to watch my Campers grow into the beautiful adults they are.

To volunteer to Camp Quality, you don’t need experience or qualifications, just a blue card and a caring heart to be a big friend ‘Companion’ to an attending Camper (child cancer sufferer or sibling). This organisation would not exist without the kind donations of others through their ongoing effort and time.

Camp Quality has made the world of difference to the person who I am today and I am forever grateful to the people who touched me during this time – you know who you are!

If you would like to learn more about Camp Quality or consider donating some of your time as a volunteer have a look at their website – there is a link right here > https://www.campquality.org.au