The 1998 movie ‘Deep Impact’ described the “extinction-level-event” (E.L.E.) as merely a comet, understating and underestimating the inner power of this outer space structure.  The comet would stretch to 11 km length and retained the energy to even wipe out humanity, yet it continued towards Earth, with most of the population completely naive.

I can only draw analogy, as I reflect on the past devastating 3.5 years of my life.  The impacts of the hit were more unexpected and excruciating than that of anything I had ever succumbed to.  It is only now, three months into my recovery, gazing behind me at the disaster, that I can begin to even imagine or come to terms with some of the places I have been.  Depression, deep to the depths of darkness where I had woken up startled, is simply indescribable.  The severe plague of pain I feel even just looking at it a reminder is much more than what lies just on the surface – it is like layers of rock lying heavy, with fossil still lying beneath.

I have stumbled across recovery.  I can sit within the sunshine under the warmth of nature once more.  I only hope that the scars I have painted over,  can in the future be resurfaced without affliction.  I know that I am the same person within, despite the disaster.  I keep up the fight to one day float safely, back to the shores which lie in the distance.