I only recently came to realise just how much music has played and important role in my life and one that I am looking forward to utilising more.

From a very young age, I was blessed to live in a family where my mother had a background as a professional musician.  She was an avid double bass player and tells me that she initially learned the instrument because she was unable to access a cello through her schooling. I grew up with my sisters, attending rehearsals and concerts, watching classical productions – then going on stage dressed up in pretty clothes to hand flowers out to guest singers and conductors.

When I was diagnosed with leukaemia at the age of seven, my parents sought hobbies for me that I would be able to pursue instead of sports and dancing that other children could do. I learnt piano from a young age and continued to play to an AMUS level after completing Grade 8 while I was still in high school. It helped me cope so many times in life and gave me a way to express my feelings through melody.

As a teenager I struggled to deal with tragedies as some of my close friends with cancer passed and I used music as an outlet to identify with and deal with some of my pain.  Bands like U2 and Silverchair helped me get through my adolescence and songs such as ‘With or Without You’ continue to hold special meaning to me even now.

How do you utilise music in your life?  Have you considered adding more to your life again as I have?