Hello and thank you for having a look at my story.dsc_0066

I am known by most as a daughter of four, a cancer survivor, a doctor and an advocate of health and wellbeing.  However, this website came about for another reason.

In January 2015 I was diagnosed with severe and persistent post natal depression and mental illness of which I could have never ever imagined, especially at at time which by all other means was supposed to be a special celebration of our new family.

My devoted husband has been a pillar for me to keep going even when things have been tremendously difficult and an advocate for my writing skills and creative abilities.

The depression stripped me of my identity, the entire person who I had previously known and all that I had thought I was.  However, now I start a new chapter – a time in my life when I finally acknowledge my inner beauty, the many colours of my travels and the many qualities that I bring to others.

I hope that by sharing my journey that you too will find strength to carry on when things seem impossible and hope just intangible.