Cyclone Debbie came and went. Transforming into an extreme weather system – the schools were closed, the shopping carparks were flooded and communities strained together, to work and ensure security and overall safety.

I sat inside, quietly watching as nature’s force took control with authority of confidence I could only envy. Trees bent sideways in mercy and cars sunk where they were left.

Nevertheless, in spite of the danger at hand, there was something peaceful about the rain. ┬áIt plummeted down before my eyes and nothing could capture the moment. I was bewildered by the sheer storm unravelling – and taken to another world around me. Such sheer force made me think of the things I truly valued; the people I really loved… I made sure the people I loved were safe, and then watched as nature reminded me just how quickly it could all come undone.

One could summate that my life similarly, had been like a natural disaster continuing to unfold. Plans had dissipated beyond imagination. People had been forced to their limits, so much so that only the strength of love and family ensured they still held. The effects of depression are far reaching. The impacts of illness on each person beyond words.

Today I watch the rain and the wind show a strength that cannot be reckoned with. As much as their wrath bequeathed disaster, the tranquility of listening to the storm was a moment that will remain in my memory. My worries were gone. My never ending, over-worrying mind was stopped and brought back from the puzzle – to highlight the pieces that truly mattered.

As Einstein would wisely comment: “A happy man is too satisfied with the present to dwell too much on the future.” After all, the future will come whether I worry about it or not, no matter how much I try to anticipate it…