Becoming fully trained as an Aviation Medical Officer was one of the biggest achievements I accomplished in the Air Force. The combination of leadership and management skills with career specific medical skills were invaluable in helping my own self-development as well as my career progression in the Air Force.

On reflection there were many highlights to my career in the Air Force but one of my favourite times would have to have been learning Rotary Wing Aeromedical Evacuation and Helicopter Underwater Escape Training that I completed in 2013. Learning about each and every flight unit utilised in the Air Force and their individual capabilities was a real highlight for me and an experience I will always remeimg_1634mber.

A second highlight I will never forget was the training I received in Aviation Medicine and the opportunity I recieved to fly in a Roulette fully equipped with G-force suit and attire. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every stall turn I experienced in the air and have gained so much more understanding of what we expect of our pilots and air crew as a result of my training.