Nobody really likes to talk about themselves – but the truth of the matter was, that if I didn’t work out what my strengths and values were – how was I ever going to expect to work out who I really am?

So it turns out that though this exercise is difficult, it can be very rewarding too.  It took me a while to work these out, but once I did it explained so many things – why I found some decisions so difficult to make, why I wasn’t comfortable in certain situations and where I wanted to invest my energy moving forwards.

Here are some of my strengths and values and a few tips for you to find out yours:

My Strengths: creativity, curiosity, critical thinking, courage and wisdom, love of learning, open-mindedness, generosity, intuitive, articulate, thoughtful and caring, observant, spontaneous, hard-working.

My Values: integrity, honesty, health, openness, communication, relationships and family.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Do a general search on google for strengths or values.  Write each one on a card and shuffle your pack of cards until you can narrow them down to just 5 or 10.  Then, shuffle those ones again, and decide which ones truly matter to you and why.
  2. Have a look at this website if you are needing to identify your strengths to update your resume: Russ Harris also has a worksheet that may be helpful available via
  3. Here is a great starting point if you need a list of values to help you on your search – scroll down to step 4 to see which ones apply to you: Russ Harris also has a worksheet that may be helpful available via