Sometimes it can seem so far away that it is just altogether unattainable. We’ve all been there – at one time or another: reaching for a goal and falling; trying for a prize and failing. It’s that horrible time in your life when something you used to be able to do is just undoable, something you have tried to succeed in is unreachable …. the disappointment you feel is indescribable.

When do you throw in the towel? When do you just decide to start over? When is the end just inevitably the end?

Today I was reminded especially that sometimes what seems the end just isn’t the end; what seems like a disaster is only a flawed vision through blurred spectacles. The tragedy is a tragedy but only part of the full story.

Things have been so bad that it has been hard to see the light but this morning I woke up different and was reminded that a new beginning is always possible. Nothing is ever over unless I allow it to be. The stars are still in the sky, if I just have the courage to look for them.

So when you feel like you have lost hope for the last time, please read this and remember that you are not alone. Others have travelled this path before you. Hope is still at the end of the tunnel. Please have the courage to keep your chin up a little longer. Your new leaf is still out there, waiting to be overturned.