voices for changeI had been out of hospital only 4 weeks this year when I was privileged to be offered a scholarship to attend  ‘Voices for Change’ > a unique program designed to train and facilitate ability as a public speaker to share their personal mental health journey.  Obviously still such a raw topic for me as I was early in my recovery journey, the supportive feedback I received was invaluable.  I learnt not only to tailor better to the specific needs of each audience, but to improve my speaking skills individually to deliver my story effectively and from the heart.

Mental illness affects so many Australians each year.  Despite improving services and increasing awareness all the time, I have still personally been affected by such stigma and discrimination by some because I simply do not have a straight forward headache or broken leg.  It is absolutely crucial that more awareness is given to others.  Mental wellbeing is important for everyone!

I highly recommend this program to anybody who has a desire to get involved in the community and share their personal experience in order to educate, motivate and resonate with others around you.  Together, with the help of others, we can truly make a difference.